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x-vision wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Selling two different products into one space is splitting the market. You don't get twice the sales but you do get two sets of R&D costs, two sets of inventory costs, two marketing budgets and so on.

Agree. The 7DII and 6D will be competing for the same money ... initially.

And for people who think otherwise, see this thread  - a person who seems to be a natural '6D' thinking of a 7D

Yes, it makes little sense at this time to have both the 6D and 7DII at the same price point.
Two years from now, though, things will look differently, IMO.

Two years from now would leave the 7D at six years old.

Canon will not back down from the new $3500 price of the 5D series.
But this price is too high for many of the buyers that made the 5DII a big seller.

Despite many people's predictions (including mine) the 5DIII is a big seller. I think there is a reason for this...

At the same time, the current 6D is quite a misguided product.
It's obvious that the 6D was an afterthought - designed after the 5DIII specs were frozen.
It's also obvious that Canon did not have a unified vision for the 6D and 5DIII.

I'm not so sure. The strategy probably emanates a bit from Canon's current sensor squeeze, but when you think about it is well though out. The 6D is really the 5D Mark III. It is simply the 5D Mk II with a few extra features, but a lower price point (that being one of its big features - and it just continues the price trend from Mk I to Mk II). The 5D MkIII is however quite a different camera from the previous 5D's. What it is really is a 7D Mk II, in that it is pretty much precisely a 7D but with two big enhancements, one is a FF sensor, the other is much better AF. I have no figures, but I suspect that a lot of 5DIII owners upgraded from a 7D.

But the next generation offerings will likely fix all that. That's my prediction.
In 2015, Canon will have the 5DIV at $3500 and the 6DII at $2500.
Both spec'd accordingly and, most importantly, differentiated appropriately.
Not with lower x-sync speed and different button layout.

Given these prices for the FF offerings, a 7DII priced at around $1800 starts to make sense.

All speculation and fun of course. We will see.
But the 70D's plastic body alone is an indication to me that Canon is planning a 7DII.

We will see, but I really do have my doubts. I have heard from two independent industry sources that they expect the DSLR market (as opposed to mirror less) to be entirely full frame by the next full generation. It's quite possible that the 70D will be 'replaced' by an 8D rather than an 80D. I think we are seeing a transition, and part of that is manufacturers getting higher unit prices by using FF to keep the DSLR turnover up in the face of falling volumes (long term, they are on an upward blip right now). I would more expect to see an expansion of the EOS-M range, including the dual pixel tech to three models covering the whole APS-C market and a four model FF range with 1D and variants, 5D, 6D and 8D models. The 70D's plastic body is just a reflection of where canon currently sees the top end of APS-C and what it has to do to make a profit from it.

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