Pentax as first DSLR?

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Re: Pentax as first DSLR?

Unexpresivecanvas wrote:

Ivan, probably this posting is kind of late as Yardcoyote seems to have made his/her mind re: Pentax APS-C and the discussion with Alex has become almost a two person discussion between the merits and limitations of the Canon 5D.

Unfortunately, as I think this is not the place for such discussions (and to be honest, I'm pretty bored with them - yes, I met quite a few 5D fans recommending them against anything Pentax).

Then it has been hard to keep a sane discussion, since some of the technical points from other poster are that the 5D is an 8 year old camera and hence it means is obsolete. I completely disagree with that statement, as being old doesn't mean that the camera can't deliver the goods. In fact, and based on my daily experience -no from friends or people who told me-, this little monster still doesn't stop to amaze me in term of reliability and image quality.

Some corrections. The Canon 5D being 8 years old has a direct bearing on its remaining life time. As I said, it's not a deal breaker (unless you put all your money into it), but something that should be considered. Yet you're talking as if it's the same if you buy an 8 year old camera (usage unknown) and a brand new one with warranty.

Being "obsolete" has less meaning from the user's point of view; in this context, it only means the current APS-C cameras have more features (some useful), better features (fps, LCD...) and from some points of view, even a slightly better image quality (resolution/detail, DR). Obviously, a 5D in good condition can make pictures on the same level as when it was new, and it still has some advantages despite its age.

The 5D could be obsolete for a professional photographer who needs high quality, faster frame speeds and all the modern electronic gimmicks But I believe that for the average amateur photographer, the 5D can be a surprising answer to the needs of capturing light and moments.

You claimed it's a camera suited for sports photography. You actually made lots of bold claims, not quite supported. The 5D is not just a capable tool (which I agree it is), but "almost unparalleled".

My perception is that some poster has been using FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to manage a conversation about objective things. Then his arguments are that the 5D is old, -of course, is old, that's why it costs now $500 instead of $3,600- that it can break, that the mirror falls, that the technology back in 2005 was no mature compared to today standards. all that is just arrogant smears.

My perception is that you told untruthful things about the 5D's capabilities, and you were always trying to diminish the importance of its every weak point.

And that you're twisting my words; technology not being mature or not has impact only on the rate with which it evolves. About it breaking, as I said I know such cases. It can happen.

Any electronic or mechanic thing can break any time, just ask people with the lens release button in the k-5 falling some times. But I believe that with the 5D, Canon built a very reliable camera, since once the mirror gets re-glued -for free- there are not that many known issues about this camera. it is showing a reliability and longevity that impresses me more with the passing months. That's why I am not afraid to use or recommend one.

There is not perfect camera and never will be. there are only cameras that satisfy certain needs and at the end, they are mostly an instrument, not an end. I find the 5D, again, an honest and affordable solution to a high level of photography if one is interested in full frame. Full frame is not for everybody, specially people who never have tried it. That's why most people are happy with Aps-c systems. Nothing wrong with that. To each his own.

Good question. I would like to claim that sensor size difference is more important than (associated) image quality to anyone who knows what they need. In the sense that one picks the format based on other than IQ reasons. However I have to admit this claim is to strong and I am willing to accept that this importance also depends on the user.

100% agree. I have tried to say this, but i probably failed conveying the message

Yeah, sensor size more important than image quality. Wasn't the 5D "almost unparalleled"?

All I have claimed is that the 5D is a viable option if one is interested in full frame at all (and obviously Pentax is not, simply because it doesn't have a FF in the line up.)

It seems Pentax has achieved something interesting; The Pentaxians don't need full frame as Pentax doesn't produce one and the other way too.

The Pentaxians who need full frame moved to a system which has it.

I definitely don't need FF, though I admit I somehow want one (not hard enough to jump ship). For the better viewfinders.

Depends on who is "us". I definitely would like to see more input by brand-neutral people or even from reasonable fans of other systems to have a bigger picture to be able to make a better choice for myself. It doesn't annoy me especially when people offer balanced and well supported opinions. I know different things work for different people and I can decide myself what works best for me based on a variety of info. If the info is irrelevant to me I simply ignore it.

Probably this is one of the best paragraphs I have read in this discussion. Congratulations for bringing back some sense of sanity. I have given my opinions freely, based on my experience. I have no interest to promote or destroy one or other brand. I just promote the 5D as what it is and based on my own experience. I am not a Canon fanboy but probably a 5D adept and promoter. I believe more people could benefit from what I have learned and what I know. I would appreciate the 5D anyway if it had been manufactured by either Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Sony or any other brand. I started my first posting in this thread stating that I am a brand eclectic.

Keep in mind that your own personal choice is not necessarily good for others; otherwise you can't be neither balanced nor reasonable.


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