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Re: It's a shame...

I have quoted thomo here for the truth that he speaks. Some folk truly are backwards. Makes one despair for some parts of the human race. They have stopped running.

thomo wrote:

Future user wrote:

It's a shame these sons of bitches are free on the streets and not in jail. Unfortunately this is the world we live in: either you protect yourself or you are in risk. And now I know what to do If I ever go to St. Petersburg: I'll keep a weapon inside my bag. If these or another bastards have the bad luck to find me, they'll have no time to say goodbye to their families...

I’ve read all the posts on this thread and I have to say I’m amazed at how stupid some people can be – but you’ve taken the cake!

I’m even more amazed that you think you can travel internationally and can carry a weapon (of any kind) let alone believe you’re entitled to use it.

What it is even more ludicrous is for you to think you’re entitled to use it to defend losing a stupid camera lens. OMG - what do you think insurance is for?

Thankfully you’re not representative of the US citizens that I’ve met in my travels over many years (many of whom are still friends and share similar values and ideals).

Please don't bother to reply - you need help.

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