Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

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Re: Backup Routine for Photos, & Sudden Hard Drive Failure

I did try that, same result, but still, thanks for bringing that up, you never know.

It just surprises me that it would fail so SUDDENLY, with no warning of any kind.

It got me scared when I thought of how maybe my MAIN external hard drive, where all my photos, going back 10 years, are stored, could also possibly do that, and since I hadn't updated  my other 1T hard drive in awhile, I could lose some serious numbers of photos if the main one also failed. Naturally, the first thing I did was update this other Toshiba 1T portable hard drive. In fact, it's one I bought maybe 9 months ago but have hardly touched since, so it hasn't had much use hence you'd figure it's apt to last awhile. The "main" one is a Seagate 1T which I bought brand-new about a year ago but it gets used a lot. The Western Digital 1T which failed I bought 2-odd years ago, and it looked like it had been used somewhat even then, so maybe this shouldn't have surprised me so much.

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