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Sammy Yousef
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If you're going to go grey market...

DD Photographics I've had reasonable luck with but I've also heard the horror stories. Last purchase (A 70-300VR) I made from them - actually their sister company DD Electronics, but advertised through their web site at the GST - was delayed but it that was an Australia wide Aust Post problem a couple of Christmases back. They've stopped advertising DD Electronics lower prices and I don't know if that was because of the stronger AUD or if they were entering a grey area on Aust Tax law in doing that.

I've had good luck with Camera paradise as well.

If my experiences with Nikon Australia weren't so universally poor I'd consider the warranty a plus. My time and money shipping cameras back and forth multiple times is not free either so I don't even care about the Nikon warranty anymore - I'd pay no more than 10% extra for one. I use to buy local stock exclusive but there are only so many poor experiences before I consider it worthless.

The gear is great but I'm getting very tired Nikon the company. My latest lesson is that having the sensor remapped out of warranty is ridiculously expensive (though there are people who'd defend $200 for doing that as reasonble...go figure). So I run my images through Pixel fixer instead. Annoying!

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