Scanner, Yellow scans as PINK! HP5520

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Scanner, Yellow scans as PINK! HP5520

Hi All,

For years, I have scanned and printed on an HP-C6180, But, paper dust has accumulated on the bottom of the glass, and I didn't see how to get in there to clean it. Otherwise, it still works.

I bought a budget HP 5520 in a rush, because I need to scan hundreds or more photos that I have access to for only a few days. (Maybe the budget caused the problem!) I have printed only one page, the one that HP required during set-up. I have scanned about 100 pages of a photo album. Otherwise it's new. I can't find anything having to do with unpacking/setup that I missed. Now, I have discovered that light yellow scan's as pink, as shown on my monitor, and as shown when printed on the C6180. It's a nice pink, but it isn't wanted!

I'm doing a project that's mostly scanning black & white photographs on either black or light yellow (actually "manila") album pages. I'm scanning with the 5520's software to TIF at 600, and I intend to go back after scanning and figure out how to use Gimp and to break out the individual photos and straighten them. I downloaded and used HP's printer diagnostic software, HPPSdr.exe, and it didn't find a problem.

I scanned for several hours before I stopped looking at the scanned B&W photos and noticed that the light yellow pages were pink. The actual photos (and the black pages!) looked fine, but I haven't scanned the color ones yet. I wanted to get this posted while I continue with the B&W. If the problem remains when I get to the color, I won't have time to wait, so I'll need to keep scanning and adjust them later. I'd like to avoid that. I placed black paper, a B&W photo, and a standard manila colored file folder on the scanner together, and the colors of the TIF looked fine, except that the manila was pink. I can test other colors, but due to the rush, it seemed that someone might be able to help from this limited info. So, if there is a type of further testing that I should do, please advise with a link or with text.

If I have to adjust the TIFs later, I've thought about scanning with a small color chart on the page (background) so I know how much adjustment is needed, maybe. I've called around to camera stores and photography studios but no on has any ideas how to get a color chart without making it. So, I could print several colors for that purpose, then try to adjust to get the images back to correct coloring, but it seems like it would be better to get a color chart that is "correct," whatever that might mean.

The old HP C6180 doesn't have this color problem. It "just" puts lots of specs on the scan due to the dust. I've wondered whether I can later remove the specs from the TIF better that I'll be able to adjust the color. It seems to me, with my limited knowledge, that after I lose access to the originals in a day or two, I might be able to come up with a fixed amount of color adjustment that I can make to each TIF, maybe when other adjustments are being made, like when separating the images from the album page and removing the skew, if either of those adjustments is lossy. Or, maybe I'll have some other lossy operation like reducing the size significantly for web posting (if that's lossy,) that will be the best time to adjust the color. But then, what do I know.

Lastly, if I can get the 5520 straightened out, and if I can find a way to remove the dust from the C6180, can you tell me which will scan best? I am assuming that reading the manufacturer's specs won't give reliable information, but I assume that the big difference in production dates might help me guess which will scan best.

Over all, my greatest concern if the color issue. Your advice will be appreciated!


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