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Re: Appreciate your reply, but

Pikme wrote:

my beef just goes to the fact that dpreview has been talking about the XZ-2 since at least last October when they posted image samples. They have compared other cameras to the XZ-2 ever since and seem to use it as the reference camera, which makes it incredibly frustrating that they have not posted the review. Getting the gold award boosts sales, so it just doesn't make sense to me why they have not posted a review for that camera - either they have found a problem and don't want to report it, or they are not wanting to upset other manufacturers by giving Olympus the gold once again. Or some other reason (not enough sales to make it worth their time), but time pressures, too many cameras, etc. doesn't ring true for me in this particular case. They keep saying how much they like it, but then never finalize the review.

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Roberto M.

You aren't obligated to believe me. I'd suggest being a reviewer then, enlightenment shall be yours.

Don't ever forget that DPR offer a free service, none of the content costs viewers here a dime. When things are free I say you can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Keeping things in perspective is key in life sometimes. Its not worth your frustration.

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