Sick of these tech companies delaying the 4K

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Re: Sick of these tech companies delaying the 4K

jbwong wrote:

There are already rumors for the new Sony One smartphone will have 4k video recording.

Which will certainly have stellar dynamic range and clarity with a 4.8mm lens.

There are a very few issues concerning the 4k though, mainly the storage capacity of the new medium, equipments updates and the TV broadcasting.

And, there's the reason. 4K takes a lot of hardware to edit, store, and view. 1080 is the high-end of consumer viewing at the moment, and until that changes, there's no market for 4K video... except in Film, which *does* already offer 4K solutions.

There's little point in building a Toyota that can hit 500MPH - where exactly would one be driving at such speeds on a regular basis? (There is a small market for such cars. They have "indy" stamped on the engine blocks.)

The so called 4k TV marked up really ridiculously pricy so they can make huge profit every single time for this "Revolutionary" upgrade whereas the technology was already there back in 10 years ago.

The computer mouse was invented in 1968. It wasn't until 12-15 years later that there was a perceived market for it.

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