Strange water formation in long exposure

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Wei Kelun
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Re: Strange water formation in long exposure

TDR1 wrote:

Actually, ignore that, I'm pretty sure I've got that backwards. Water drops tend to take on more of a round sphere shape gradually.

I've noticed that if you look to the bottom left of the waterfall you can see other similar but less clear drops.

It looks like someone has used a flash with a multi/strobe type feature.

Not to be a pain, but water drops will look spherical only when removed from wind resistance, which in this case would be at the vertex of the parabola. Otherwise they end up looking lenticular.

I too see some drops in the lower left, as well as what look like isolated bubbles in the flow closest to the base of the nearest waterfall. There has got to be some kind of regular strobe effect occurring; the question is what's the source?

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