Happy with my new GR

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Re: Happy with my new GR

Ned-B wrote:

jerrysdean43 wrote:

Nice images and color, I am very interested in seeing more color images from the GR as I am mainly interested in landscape and not black/white street photography which seems to be the norm here. I am still contemplating the purchase of the GR.

Thanks for sharing.

Hi Jerry,

From what I recall from your previous posts, sounds like you're still on the fence about purchasing a GR. Not sure if you saw these previously, but here are a few links to photos from a trip we took through the west in June. Although I'm not a landscape photographer, I was very pleased with how the GR performed and I ended up hardly using my SLR on this journey.

Hope this helps,






I took a look at some of your links. Very good shots of an impressive landscape in the zion national park.

One thing I did notice in the North Dakota page was that some of the shots show a 'stair stepping' aliasing. Namely the horizontal grooves on the garage door in the hardware pic. and round the edge of the back car door, trunk and round the windows etc in the Blue Chevy pic.

Is that there in the original files or could it possibly be down to how they have been downscaled?  I wonder whether this might be having a detrimental effect to the smoothness of the images in general.

The pictures display at 100% on my monitor, so that isn't the issue

I'm not trying to criticise in the slightest. Just thought I'd let you know if there's a chance it could make your pictures display even better.

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