600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.

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Re: 600RT Flash bug in new Canon 5DIII firmware.

PS, I downgraded the firmware and the camera and flash work fine now..


Ok, I think this is more proof something is wrong, somewhere. Can you msg me your email or something AND/OR email/call canon..

Wafin wrote:


I can say that this is an issue for me but I'm also using a yongnuo 622c flash trigger and with the ir turned on a lot of my shots the flash won't fire.

Turning off the IR allows them to function fine.

I was mainly testing this using a photobooth software and trying to remote trigger the flashes instead of running cables everywhere.

I only have 2 600ex-rt flashes so I used 3 of the yongnuo 622c flash triggers and got those to fire through the photobooth software but only after I disabled the IR focus assist beam.

I'm hoping something will get fixed soon.

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