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Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Really? The advantages that the 7D has (reach, frame rate and more points in the AF) allow it to take photos in just a few situations where the 6D won't. The advantages that the 6D has (lens choice at the wide end, utilising shallower DOF, low light ability, low light AF) allow it to take photos in just a few situations where the 7D won't. 95% is a guess, but in all likely hood in the right range.

So there are significant differences that mean that the cameras have different target market segments, so you yourself contradict your "one size fits all" argument!

No I don't, I never claimed one size fits all, what I claimed is that the other releases erode the potential market for the 7D Mk II to just those who must have a 7D MkII and no other, which I think is relatively few, since Canon now offers other options.

The 6D can do action 'properly' in the hands of a competent photographer.

A competent photographer will not chose the 6D for that job. Period.

That is not the case. A competent photographer might have the funding for a single camera, might have bought the 6D on the balance of its features, and might do the occasional action work, in which case, if they were competent, they would find the 6D would cope. many fine action photographers have done very well with equipment very much less capable than a 6D.

That's what makes him competent. Only the haphazard amateur would try and more often than not fail utterly.

What arrogance, you judge competence by which camera you buy, not by your photographic skills.

not even the 5DIII is fully capable to replace a current 7D. Period.

I would think the 5DIII wins quite a lot and loses a little. It has a much more capable AF system, it loses 2FPS, but the main thing in action photography is learning your timing,

There are a lot of things where you can't predict the timing and thus you will never get the shot with the slower camera.

Also not true. 8FPS over 6FPS does not give you an appreciably higher chance of getting the shot if you just use spray and pray. If the shutter is open for 10ms, then at 8FPS you are not getting the shot 92% of the time, while at 6FPS you are not getting the shot 94% of the time. So, one gives you a 8% chance of getting the shot as opposed to a 6% chance. Only timing improves that ratio.

The 6D autofocus is whoefully inadaequate for fast moving subjects

Again, not optimised but focusses fast and sure with the centre point

Which will yield a bad composition in 9 out of 10 cases. The 7D can use all it's AF points in light when you barely manage to get a usable exposure time for action photography.

Again, many competent action photographers were able to work with one focus point.

Whoever thinks that a camera that can only be focused with the center AF point is good for action photography needs to have his brain examined - if there still is something available for such an examination...

I don't doubt that one with more is better, provided it makes use of them, and I have no doubt that someone who did mostly action work would not choose the 6D - more likely from Canon's current selection to go for a 70D or a 5DIII, which both offer capable AF and decent frame rates. Bt then my point was never that the 6D has the same spec as the 7D, just that the three cameras together erode the potential market for a 7D MkII.

, in worse light than the 7D will with any point.

Again you fail to see the point that in motion rich environments the 6D will not cut it, not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

Not true. In the hands of a competent photographer, the 6D can do action, but for those more action oriented, Canon offers options, see above.

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