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Karl Gnter Wnsch wrote:

Bobn2 wrote:

Mark B. wrote:

The 7D is the top end crop sensor cam for speed & action.

That is a matter of fact, but that doesn't mean that it will always be so.

It will always be so, it's the camera concept behind a 7D type camera.

The top end crop sensor cam for speed and action might be the 70D, just like the 40D and 50D were the top end crop sensor cam for speed and action. Canon gaveth and Canon can taketh away.

6D is an entry-level FF camera.

That also is a matter of fact, but doesn't impinge one way or another on what I said.

No way would I consider replacing my 7D with a 6D.

That is your preference, to which you have every right, but there is no law that says that Canon has to cater for your personal preference.

They will cater to markets, and none of the current cameras caters for the segment that the 7D does - especially not an entry level, sluggish, sedate 6D!

Not the point. The point is that the only part of the market for which the 7D Mark II would be a must have' is those that demand more than 7FPS plus a few other features. When the 7D was announced it was the only (non 1D) option from Canon if you wanted 6 or more FPS. Now Canon offers 2 options. It was the only option if you wanted more than the basic 11 point AF, now Canon offers 2 options. It was the only option around the $2k price point, Now Canon has another option. Options erode the potential market place, because not everyone who bought a 7D did so because they demanded non-negotiably the feature set of the 7D. Many were weighing their options with their budget and decided that the 7d was the best option on balance. Now Canon offers other options.

6D, BTW is not 'entry level'. It has a metal shell and two wheel control system - which is 'enthusiast level' by most counts. It is not a Rebel.

If you were right we'd see people here dumping their 7D in favor of the 6D. I don't see that happening.

Have you looked? What evidence have you or not that people have moved from 7D to 6D or thought of a 7D but went 6D instead?

I know quite a lot of photographers which have either - a few have both but not a single one exchanged the 7D for the 6D! Face it, a 6D can not in any way replace the 7D, not today, not tomorrow, not ever!

'Quite a lot of photographers' that you know does not make a market trend.

Four years after the release, the 7D is still going strong.

Not so much, stronger than its nearest competitor, the D300s, but that's not saying a great deal. If the market was so vibrant, one would have expected Canon to replace it after 3 years, like they usually do with their top end cameras.

There is no set interval for top of the line DSLR - and there was this little earth quake which has set back Canon by quite a bit.

That was Nikon that was set back by the earthquake, not Canon, and strange that it doesn't seem to have affected the release schedule of any other camera, and that they gave the '6D precedence if they were that much up against it.

There has to be some reason Canon thought it worth replacing all those models and not the 7D.

You only need to look at sales figures -

Could you post a link to these sales figure, presumably you have looked at them, since you say

I can tell you that the 7D still sells remarkably well -

on what basis can you tell me that?

as I indirectly can judge the figures for the german speaking market as the book on the 7D still comprehensively outsells the ones for the 60D, 550D, 600D, 650D together.

That's probably just because of all the people buying second-hand 7D's from people who have upgraded to the 6D.

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