Challenges - What's The Value?

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Challenges - What's The Value?

The Challenges and their purpose of education, advancement of photographic skills, and having fun with prizeless "competing" in a friendly manner have long been derailed by an avalanche of cheatings and malicious influences of the less intelligent and vanity-ridden "photographers".

According to the already repeated DPR management promises, the Challenges should be set straight and the related negativities removed in the course of 2013.

Only five more months remaining to actually do it...

Do you think DPR members will get to see that promise fulfilled?

Absolutely. It has been marked as a high priority job. Users do matter.
6.9% 2  votes
I don't think it has any kind of priority. It does not really matter what users want or need.
58.6% 17  votes
No way. The Challenges, as a project, have been abandoned. For fair and honest photographic Challenges, look elsewhere.
34.5% 10  votes
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