Complaints About DSLR Size

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So I just had a conversation with my buddy about cameras. He told me while he likes the image quality and versatility of DSLRs, he dislikes the weight and size that comes along with it. Long story short, he is replacing the DSLR which was stolen from him with one of the Canon Powershots. I respect and understand his perspective, so note that this thread is not intended to be an argument about DSLR vs. Mirrorless or anything silly like that. But, does anyone actually like the weight and solid feel of their DSLR? I do.

Would you rather carry around a clock or a watch, a desktop PC or a ipad, its common sense to want to carry a small camera, the current gymnastics that people are willing to cope with to carry a DSLR is an interim thing, until the industry can reduce the size and retain whatever it is that DSLR owners want.

Maybe this one would be more satisfying.


hmmm - desktop or ipad?  Depends on the job.  Surfing web - ipad.  Solving scientific compute problems - PC.

This is funny some people think size and weight are the only problem with cameras.  Hard to argue against weight, but size - small isn't always better.

The mirrorbox will go away when processing speed and algorithms are good enough for mirrorless to focus faster than dslrs.  When that happens, I am willing to lay money down that says the first crop of mirrorless pro bodies will not be significantly smaller than the current dslrs.  Maybe slightly lighter, but not significantly smaller.  Having lots of external controls in an ergonomically well spaced out device is hard to do with a tiny camera.

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