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Re: Thanks again !

Ivan Gordeli wrote:

kikivrany wrote:

Hello again Ivan Gordeli

I have a comprehension question:

Would I be able to push a 5D picture, made at ISO 1600 up to ca 10000 ISO,

like I did in this picture, which I made with the K5 at 8000ISO and pushed it up a little ?

I am not the best person to ask, since I have no first-hand experience with the 5D. My guess is it will be quite possible to do. It is just 2.5 stops push. Of course in this picture there is not much details in the shades, so should be even easier.

I would recommend searching the web for specific examples. I've heard reports of successful 4 stops push on 5D, however this must strongly depend on the scene and how you expose originally of course.

Here is an exampe of 5D image at 3200 pushed to ISO 12800

Here people discuss pushing ISO with 5D. Their technique is to set EV compensation to -2 and then push by 2 stops then you get correct exposure. This way ISO3200 is the maximum achievable ISO on 5D. Better though IMHo is deliberately underexpose in full manual mode as much as you want, shoot at ISO1600 and then push as much as you want in PP and use NR too. Then there are other techniques of getting the most out of the camera such as stacking several images, or even stacking several images from the same raw file (pushed to different levels).

Bottomline, I'm pretty sure one can achieve usable ISO 12800 equivalent with any (8 year old or newer) dSLR. How hard it will be that is another question. If you are a master of PP, then it shouldn't be too hard.

But then again, other people may tell you they can't push above ISO 3200.

Another example I have found:

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Hello Ivan Gordeli

Thank you very much for your good answer and for put in the links with example.

It look's like it works.

Now I did also ask, because I find for my K5 up to now not the right answer, if it's equal to make a shot at ISO 1600 and push it later up to two stops, or taking at once the right higher ISO.

I personally think that it is better to use the correct ISO on a K5.

Now I'm not a camera maker, but I think this way:

When the signal from the sensor get to the AD, is always better to match the signal levels to the input levels of the AD. That happens via the gain.

Now you and also others write, that at for example ISO 1600 the camera do not use more gain, it do gain later via software, and one argument here for an indices is that the cameras NR get in work.

I for myself think that must not be a hint. I really think that my K5 do use more gain when I use a ISO higher than ISO 1600 to get better level results for the AD. But because there is at this level even with this gain a visible noise in the signal, they use a NR.

All in all that mean for me that I try to use the correct ISO to get for the AD a good signal level.

...and for yardcoyote: I hope you don't mind, that I do drift fare away from the original topic of your thread.

best regards kikivrany

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carpe noctem

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