Using a polarizing filter without a viewfinder

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Re: Not bad, just a bit slow

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

MisterPootieCat wrote:

It's different, not really difficult. The LCD is a bit slower to update than the human eye so there's that to deal with. If you're using AWB then the camera is constantly trying to set WB as you turn the filter. Try setting WB to daylight, cloudy, or shade to see if that makes it a bit easier.

Nice tip about the WB. I hadn't thought about that having an effect. My images are generally pretty good with respect to WB, but I want to try your suggestion just to see what happens while tweaking the filter.


Yeah, Canon's AWB works quite well on everything but indoor lighting. I haven't done much indoor shooting with my M but it seems to be about the same as my other DSLR's in that respect.

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