Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: Complaints About DSLR Size

Donald Chin wrote:

Donald Chin wrote:

However for those who only need a entry level standard zoom kit set DSLR for causal snaps, I would recommend them to get a RX100 instead.

I suppose it depends on why a person is interested in a DSLR to begin with. I don't care about extra lenses or accessories, and even a compact point and shoot has all the image quality I need, but I've always loved the handling and viewfinder of the SLR design, whether film or digital. To me, an RX100, or any other such camera with no viewfinder, is in no way comparable, but I do hope the OP's friend finds his new Powershot, whatever model he ended up with, a pleasure to use.

Yes, OVF has it advantage in following action, however most of us use smartphone to take picture too, so I don't see OVF or EVF is a must these days.

People are different, and that's okay.  For myself, anytime I'm outdoors, I find a DSLR's viewfinder much easier to see clearly and compose a picture with than any LCD or EVF that I've tried, and I've tried quite a few by just visiting my local camera store and taking their display models outside to try out.

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