Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: We are fortunate to have a selection of sizes, prices, and types

I dont think it's the size in use of the DSLR that people complain about, because generally they have a nice grip and are comfortable in the hand. Its the DSLR swinging from your neck or waist with a hefty lens on that I think its more the problem.

With a smaller kit (mirrorless) its so much more convenient if you are trying to enjoy a day out and all of you kit fits in a small bag, or the body and small prime will fit snugly in your pocket!

A family day out for example, is a pain in the rump if you want to take your bag of DSLR kit. I'm sure we've all been there and done it. As someone had said before, a few years ago if you wanted good picture quality a DSLR was the only option. Its not the case anymore and that's why we see a lot more posts of people saying they want to give up the DSLR and invest in the smaller mirrorless systems.

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