The Amazing D200.

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Re: Some CCD files for download (DMF files).

Trevor G wrote:

jimoyer wrote:

I don't think anyone is saying the CCD is superior to the CMOS

Actually, some are...

, only that they like the images produced by (in their opinion think they're "superior") the D200 and by extension it's CCD.

I see. I'm not part of the club, so I cannot wear the emporer's new clothes. For that I am glad.

I'm afraid that I cannot see his fine new clothes, either.

Just because you aren't seeing what some others do doesn't mean it isn't there....only that you can't see it.

That's a great explanation, jimoyer.

But it doesn't wash. If it's there, it's identifiable and quantifiable.

Otherwsie, it's just hype. Like that fine suit of invisible clothes.

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Trevor G
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Trevor, since you keep going back to the Fairy "Story" (Fairy Tale, but perhaps that is a location thing) keep thing in mind......the people in the story who could see the emperor was naked were....well, everyone in the story.  The only person who couldn't see it was....well the emperor.

Given your insistence that everyone here is wrong because you can't see it, would you care to guess which you represent?

Stacey hit the nail on the head Trevor.  We aren't trying to convince you of anything.  I'm sure you're a nice guy and all but I ultimately could care less if you see what I do or not with the images produced by the D200.  I see it.  This thread is here for people who see that quality in the images it produces.  The title is "The Amazing D200" not "Trevor, the CCD is better than the CMOS".

Ultimately, you are considering purchasing one to see for yourself for whatever reason you've decided is important.  You're going to get a solid, well built, good performing camera.  It's not going to impress you in low light although I'm sure you'll produce some very usable images.  You'll either see the qualities we do in it's images or you won't but fortunately you won't be out much money either way.  In the mean time, I'll continue to use and enjoy mine, Stacey will continue to use her's...all the others who posted will continue to use theirs,  and 99% of us will forget who Trevor G, the Emperor is.  

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