The Amazing D200.

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Re: It's all about nuances.

Hi Trevor,

Well, if you want, I can post a D700 vs Leaf Aptus 5 comparison.

I prefer not to, because it's an apple vs mushroom comparison.

Both are at base ISO (which means ISO 200 for the Nikon, and 25 for the Leaf back), and the sensor size (and resolution) is clearly on different leagues.

I gotta say that the digital back is vastly superior, IMO.

But is it a fair comparison? I don't know... maybe it is? Maybe it isn't?

D700 was CMOS cutting edge technology in 2008, and had the sensor that changed the landscape in digital photography (first time ever we saw "clean" ISO 6400, and numbers like ISO 25k).

On the other hand, the Leaf Aptus is (probably) 2004- technology, an easily beats the Nikon.

As I said, an apple vs mushroom comparison.

But if you want, I can post it later.

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Marcio Napoli

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