Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: I Do Not Complain About DSLR Size

When running and gunning, I want fast AF, a grip that fills my right hand, and buttons and dials that allow me to operate the camera without having to look at it much, if at all. In low light, the ability to use a top-tier shoe-mounted flash can make getting the shot much easier. For times like this, I have no complaints about a DSLR's size, weight, or bulk.

When doing something that occupies my hands,  it is nice to have a camera that can be carried unobtrusively. A DSLR with a pancake lens may be sufficiently unobtrusive, or I might need to down-size to a something like our Nikon Coolpix A. (Well, my wife thinks it is hers, so I am saving for another Nikon A, or perhaps another compact of high quality.)

Regardless, this is not an either/or thing. Our cameras range from large pro-DSLRs with integral vertical grips, to consumer-sized SLR/DSLR, to compact. We have yet to own anything like NEX or Micro-4/3, but that could happen in the future.

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I wear a badge and pistol, and, primarily with 7D cameras, shoot evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, PJ, and occasional action.

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