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Re: Focus stacking

will222 wrote:

Gerry Winterbourne wrote:

You can use the same, or very similar, software to create panoramas; such as this one, which also needed extended DOF

That's pretty slick. Do you know if this can be done in Lightroom as well, or is this strictly a Photoshop capability?

Photoshop only, of the Adobe family, if you want it automatic.  The basic process is to put each image into a separate layer in one image: the layers are stacked one above the other.  Normally all you can see is the top layer in a stack but by masking out the areas you don't want to see you can look down to lower layers.

LR doesn't support layers so it can't do focus stacking at all.  PSE supports layers but you have to do all the masking manually, which is very tricky and takes ages.  PS, though, looks at the local contrast (= sharpness, more or less) at every point in every layer and masks out the less contrasty layers, leaving only the sharp parts of each layer.  This automatic process isn't always perfect so you sometimes need to do some manual corrections - which is how I know it's tricky.

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