Photography Newb: What am I missing? What don't I need?

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Re: You've heard a lot of advice ...

Who Is Christopher wrote:

I'm an impulsive person and tend to go full throttle into things; I know this can impede my progress if I am not careful. That said, I have a wonderful opportunity at the moment and want to be sure I am not making serious errors in gathering equipment: redundant lenses, unnecessary doodads, etc.

He, I am a bit like you in this respect

As for the type of photography, I can only say what I enjoy seeing. I love interesting architectural photos like abandonedography and youkowthatthing. I really like macro photography (like beevision and My Conglomeration). I am definitely interested in trying that. Lastly I love portraits with an artistic, quirky flair.

While you have good tools already, if architecture and macro will be your interests, there are far better lenses than what you have.

For macro, consider the Canon 100mm (not necessarily the L version), Tamron 90mm and the Sigma options (105, 150 and 180mm). Also, consider a macro ring flash instead of a standard flash.

For architecture you do need something wider... consider the Canon 10-22 or similar offerings from 3rd-party manufacturers (Sigma, Tamron, Tokina).

While for macro you've pretty much got to do with primes, with wide angle you have a choice between primes and zooms. Primes will give you better results (assuming you know what to do) and access to peculiar functions (e.g. perspective correction, although the budget requirements grow a lot!) but there are zooms that will serve you for a long time before you will feel limited by them...

I'm looking forward to trying more and sharing it with you all for your feedback and suggestions. I have found lots on here that inspires me. I looked into a local college digital photography class and some photography Meetups in my area. I can't wait to do more. For my birthday in a few weeks I am going to Puerto Rico for the first time and am thinking about bringing my new camera along.

Travel photography is a great source of inspiration! and I belong to a number of meetups as well - they're great to meet other photographers and learn.

I also suggest that you invest some time and money in learning some image management and post processing basic.

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