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Re: comment on dxo data relevance

Ivan Gordeli wrote:

Alex Sarbu wrote:

The normalized results are better for the APS-C cameras, except for SNR (unsurprisingly, as AFAIK the shot noise should be significant in those measurements). The overall score is higher for the APS-C cameras, and actually the K-5 IIs and the K-5 II are rated higher than any Canon FF model. Are you sure you want to continue using DXOMark data? Strange things are happening, with synthetic benchmarks.

1. better only for dynamic range (which is quite important of course), everything else is (marginally) better in 5D at least at ISO above 400.

We can go on looking at virtually identical charts, but my point is DXOMark's inability to properly evaluate image quality.

2. I never look at the overall score. Especially it makes little sense when you compare cameras of different scope (such as APS-C vs FF)

I do it for fun and bragging rights

3. I take the dxomark data with a great deal of skepticism for a variety of reasons. As you point out APS-C Pentax rank higher than Canon FF, in fact even within a single manufacturer you will find that dxomark often ranks lower end cameras higher than higher end (even when the sensor size is the same and generation is the same). It only proves the obvious fact that dxomark data is not the whole picture.

While their measurements apparently are correct, it's important to know exactly what they're testing - which is only few, very specific parameters.

What dxomark shows is that Pentax and Nikon make dxo-friendly SLRs

I doubt we'd want to use a true DXO-friendly camera.

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