Complaints About DSLR Size

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An SLR is not a stationary device

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I didn't mean to be condescending, sorry if that came accross, I was just trying to find a way to illustrate my point better. Interesting about the laptop, in scale I would equate that to a mirrorless size, so you would prefer not to carry your desktop PC around yet you prefer to carry a DSLR.


You think it's ridiculous to carry around a DSLR because you equate it to a desktop and no one carries around a desktop. I think you've just made a bad analogy. DSLR != desktop computer. One is designed to be transportable and with the right strap can be taken anywhere without even noticing it. A desktop has no battery, generally has no straps, and at best has some handles.

Obviously they are not physically the same, but I think of the DSLR as a stationary device that might be left permanently or semi permanently mounted on a stand or tripod like in a studio or shopping centre where a photographer takes pictures of babies. For me it is not the type of thing that I would want attached to my body and take everywhere I go, like I can with a small belt bag containing a P&S.


You may think of it that way, but a DSLR is not a stationary device and the overwhelmingly majority of owners will carry them under the right circumstances (I carry my T2i with me almost everywhere).  A desktop computer is a stationary device and the overwhelming majority of users keep them in a fixed location.  There may be some parallels you can draw between a desktop and a DSLR, but portability is NOT one of them.

I appreciate that it may be a stationary device for you, but you should understand that puts you in the extreme minority.  If DSLRs were commonly used in that way, the AC adapter would be standard equipment and they probably wouldn't come with straps.

Perhaps a better analogy in terms of portability would be P+S = cell phone, MILC = tablet, DSLR = laptop

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