Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: Complaints About DSLR Size

lbj1891 wrote:

So I just had a conversation with my buddy about cameras. He told me while he likes the image quality and versatility of DSLRs, he dislikes the weight and size that comes along with it. Long story short, he is replacing the DSLR which was stolen from him with one of the Canon Powershots.

I wonder how much of it is not wanting to put so much money at risk of being stolen again?

But years ago, I met a guy who sells used camera equipment, and with all sorts of available lenses, he was using something like a Canon Powershot.  He holds up an 8x10 and tells me that he sees nothing wrong with the photo.  How can I argue with that?  It is simply good enough for the intended purpose.  (Of course, the photo was taken in bright daylight...)

I respect and understand his perspective, so note that this thread is not intended to be an argument about DSLR vs. Mirrorless or anything silly like that. But, does anyone actually like the weight and solid feel of their DSLR? I do.

I don't have a problem with the weight when I first pick it up.  It's after an hour or two, and I wonder why my neck's sore.  I look for a place to put it, and the pockets are out.  I sit at a table for lunch, and there's hardly enough room to fit it on the table.  How much of this before it's not a lot of fun?  Then you show me a camera that's a fraction of the size and photos look just as good (better, really), and I don't mind upgrading to mirrorless.

It's not like I do much in the way of "action sports".  But I think the usability of "lesser" cameras is better than some people would like to admit.

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