The Amazing D200.

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Re: Some CCD files for download (DMF files).

jimoyer wrote:

I don't think anyone is saying the CCD is superior to the CMOS

Actually, some are...

, only that they like the images produced by (in their opinion think they're "superior") the D200 and by extension it's CCD.

I see.  I'm not part of the club, so I cannot wear the emporer's new clothes.  For that I am glad. 

I'm afraid that I cannot see his fine new clothes, either.

Just because you aren't seeing what some others do doesn't mean it isn't there....only that you can't see it.

That's a great explanation, jimoyer.

But it doesn't wash.  If it's there, it's identifiable and quantifiable.

Otherwsie, it's just hype.  Like that fine suit of invisible clothes.

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