Ken Rockwell makes ridiculously ignorant claims about Earth's temperature history

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Re: the wack job energy Bill

EnergyBill wrote:

No lightweight, I have been in the energy business for over 60 years

... 60 years in the energy industry, eh? So, not much doubt about where you got YOUR opinions from, then?

Remember, it is not wise to mistake opinions for actual knowledge. Moreover, as far as climate science knowledge is concerned, that seems to be vested in the climate scientists.

The thing about climate scientists is that they have NOT got any particular axe to grind. It is no different to them whether climate change is making the planet warmer or colder, wetter or dryer, calmer or more violent, etc.. They get a living out of recognising (measuring) what the trends are, and applying science to the mechanisms that produce the trends, and making recommendations on the results.

And what is your interest here?

Oh yes. You have a much vested interest in the science being CONSIDERED to be wrong. Naturally you do. The view held of this particular science impacts on whether your 60 years of service to the energy industry was viewed as ....

1)  ... a lifetime spent providing the means -(power)- for people to lead convenient and comfortable lives, and for other industries to function.... which, let's face it, is a pretty worthy aim for any young person joining ANY modern industry.... or...

2) ... that same lifetime spent endangering the future of the planet for the sake of a luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by only the most privileged of its current inhabitants...(that happened to include yourself).

Here is another example, from what  Wikipedia has to say about vested interests, but one which is not so contentious as climate change...

""For example, a 30 year old individual is told that the legal driving age is being raised from 16 to 17 in his state. While he may not agree with this law, he is not impacted like a 15 year old prospective vehicle operator and is unlikely to be involved in protesting the change. This example illustrates the point that highly vested attitudes concerning issues are related to an individual’s situational point of view.""

Having said that.....

I can quite see why your situational point of view might leave you somewhat aggrieved. The science could be seen as saying you wasted your life, making the world worse than it was if you had not lived. (Jeeze!)

But don't allow THAT to affect your opinion of the science. You can rise above the unintentioned slur!

All along we KNOW you intended to do no harm during your time on the planet. Indeed, I am sure your intention was to make the world a just a bit BETTER for your having lived in it, if you possibly could. You are not alone in this desire. Most intelligent people feel the same.

and fully understand the obtuse reasoning of so called scientist to FEATHER their own nests,

What? You were NOT feathering your nest when working in the power industry? That's ridiculous. Everybody got to make a living the best way they CAN, using their skills and natural gifts where they CAN.

they lie and cheat as do all of the Liberal hacks who have an agenda without facts.


The earth does go through cycles and we are experiencing one currently.

If the earth was in its normal cycle of temperature swings, we would currently be headed rapidly into the next deep ice age.

Natural cycles don't have any opinion, OR vested interests. Oh yes, you can rely on natural cycles to do their stuff......  except when you CAN'T, like when hundreds of millions of year's worth of carbon sequestration is dumped back into the atmosphere across the course of one weekend, 250 years.. (same thing, near enough).

The remarkable thing is that the atmosphere has not reacted much worse than it has.... something that has the scientists keenly investigating, in case there are means to enhance the natural atmospheric resistance to rapidly changing climate.

Just as we were going to fry because of the OZONE hole that never materialized, just more scare tactics to appease the deadhead liberal freaks.

Ha! You mean, if a control policy is EFFECTIVE, it must have been unnecessary in the first place? Is that what you are saying? With respect, I don't think that is a useful thing to have learned after 60 years in the energy industry?

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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