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Re: It's all about nuances.

marcio_napoli wrote:

These CCD debates are always interesting.

A previous forum member asked for any real, concrete proof that CCD is better, and the truth is: it's really hard to prove in such terms, as we're not talking about specific, measurable numbers.

It's not a more megapixels or DR thing.

It's a certain look, how CCD renders an image, and that translates into a different visual end product. I'm talking about nuances.

And conveniently, nunaces cannot be defined.

However, the best way to evaluate is a blind test - the same image from CCD and CMOS, but with EXIF stripped. That's when nuances weaken...

Some people see these differences, some people don't. Simple as that.

Just like the emporer's new clothes.

To some people (for whatever reason) that difference seems to be obvious, but for others, it really is not.

And that happens all the time!

But we're talking about very subtle nuances.

It's never that obvious to see.

So is the case of CCD vs CMOS.

Not when you look at Fuji's Super CCD, as used in the 2/3" sensor (how tiny is that?) and check out the red swatch in the I-R Comparometer

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