Imaging Resource reviews XZ-2

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Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: I suggest you pause and think this over.

The argument about inability to acquire a camera  from a manufacturer really does not stand , especially when the camera is readily available on the open market for several months. Go and buy one or is the website a backyard operation with insufficent funds to afford such a purchase.

Classic case of this is the Olympus EPL-5 , a good camera which has had a preview up for quite a while now and is great value at the price. For God's sake if DPR finds it that hard to get hold of a camera ask it's forum members to loan one if need be

I think you are being very diplomatic here, probably tracking software of some sort looks at the interest in particular models and some gentle lets call it "nudging" from manufacturers helps the decision in posting of reviews.

BTW you have some fantastic images on your website, well worth a look !


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