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Re: Focus stacking

will222 wrote:

So do you have some sort of micromanipulator rig for that?

For really close work where you are dealing in a millimetre or so of DOF you need something special, but for most things all you need is a slight twist of the focus ring. What I do is set up on tripod and compose; focus just in front of the nearest thing I want in focus and note where that is on the ring; then focus just beyond the furthest thing I want to focus on.

I take a shot at that point and then just turn the ring in tiny amounts until I get to where I noted, taking a shot each time.

Do you use it for outdoor (e.g. a bug on a flower) as well?

You can use it for anything where you need more DOF than your lens can catch, as long as things stay where they are. A small breeze might not matter, or a very sleepy insect, but expect disappointment if things start to move. I use Photoshop as the software to stack and blend the images but there are plenty of other programs. This link describes the PS method

Here's something rather bigger than Leonard's example

with the nearest of the group (of which there were 9)

You can use the same, or very similar, software to create panoramas; such as this one, which also needed extended DOF

with one of the set (8 this time)

I've never come across the term "focus bracketing" but I suspect it means something like taking shots at slightly different focus distances and choosing the best.

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