Nikon D7000 Accessory Port Problems (wired release)

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Re: Nikon D7000 Accessory Port Problems (wired release)

Pete Hamnmond wrote:

I recently purchased a Nikon D7000 and had problems with its accesory port from day one. This is the port that you pluag a wired cable release into.

The female accessory port on my D700 was incredibly tight which meant that you had to push the remote release plug in extremely firmy for it to engage and work properly, in fact so firmly that I was worried about breaking it, this is clearly not of typical Nikon build qualit

My port has now failed completely due to this problem and Nikon have just refused to repair it under warranty claiming that the damage was caused by miss use.

Do they in anyway tell you, what this "miss use" belongs to. In another thread you tell, that you pushed the port to get contact.

How did you do that - and with what - and did this "push" course the damage or course the damage to a higher repair-price.

The company I purchasded the D7000 from have just informed me that I would have to supply them with more evidence regarding the build quality of this port before they could apply pressure to Nikon to honour the warranty.

It is the seller (within the first 6 month) to prove:

That the issue was not there from the start - and that normal use could not course the issue.

That your "miss use" have coursed the first issue and/or possibly further damages.

If you have used any kind of violence or any kind of tools I think you have a bad case. And I Wonder, why you didn't send it away in the first place, instead of trying your self.

Is this just a cop out ..... time will tell

A cup out - If they are trying to cheat on you, and you are sure, that you did not "miss use" the camera, you have to follow the ways, the law of warranty gives you - if it end up in Court, the seller has the duty to lift the evidence. I don't know if you have an independent consumer authority to use before Court..

It will be of no help to double or triple post in here.

If anyone else has experienced problems with the design and useability of this port then please post your reply here, I would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance



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