A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea. Locked

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photo perzon
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X-M1 smaller than OMD and X-E1. Same as E-PL5. Now APS=m4/3 size.

MrFlash wrote:

While the battery was charging I admired the small size and the quality construction of the OM-D. The little jewel makes my X-Pro1 look absolutely huge. I really wanted to like this camera.

When I compared the images, the OM-D files were just, for lack of a better word, inferior. The difference was completely obvious. The difference was so apparent that I was a little surprised, considering the reviews and raves on the net.

The X-M1 makes the OMD and the X-E1 look huge.  The X-M1 is the same size as the Oly E-PL5, and with the 27mm pancake it is like the PL5 with the 20mm Pana lens.  Maybe even the 14mm lens.

Yes m4/3 IQ is simply inferior.  Theoretically should not be, practically the difference is clear.

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