A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea. Locked

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Re: A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea.

I second this. I used an E-M5 for a year before switching to the - sometimes frustratingly unreliable - X-E1. I did so for the ergonomics and for the somehow more full frame like look of the images. Technically there is nothing wrong with the images from the E-M5. I was surprised about how little difference in iso, resolution and dynamic range there is between those two after all this hype about the Fuji sensor. Right, the colors are pretty different. Depends on your taste. One final note would be: there is no way somebody could get the best out of any camera within 5 hours.

On the sunny side you will be even more satisfied with your Fuji and that is a good thing. Think of it when you struggle to get focus with the 60 next time or when you miss stabilized primes or reliable and speedy autofocus or ...

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