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Re: Some CCD files for download (DMF files).

marcio_napoli wrote:

In case anyone is interested, I've uploaded a bunch of DMF CCD files, from a Leaf Aptus 5 back.

It's from the older 22mp generation (really old technology by now).

A relatively "inexpensive" entry to DMF, but you can already see that special CCD look in spades in these shots.

Unless you have matching/identical CMOS or other sensor images for comparison, all you are showing is the quality of the sensor size and lens attached, along with the attendant processing.

You are just promoting another case of "The Emporer's New Clothes" - I loved that fairy story.  Who would have thought that rational men and women of the 21st century would be so easily caught up in extolling the same sort of imaginary benefits.

Afterall, if there is no difference between the images from  CMOS and CCD cameras, especially when someone claims there are, it's got to be all in the imagination, hasn't it?

Even with 2005 technology (or earlier), that CCD look is very desirable. IMHO, beats 2010+ CMOS technology for base ISO work.

How can you show or say that it is the CCD technology at work, unless you have matching, but inferior, CMOS images from the same system?

You cannot.

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