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Re: A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea.

MrFlash wrote:

I posted a few days ago that I had ordered an OM-D (E-M5). I was tempted to do so primarily by the availability of fast medium telephoto primes. The reviews and specs of the OM-D are truly impressive. The camera is small, fast and full featured. The system has many, well regarded and reasonably priced lenses from which to choose.

While the battery was charging I admired the small size and the quality construction of the OM-D. The little jewel makes my X-Pro1 look absolutely huge. I really wanted to like this camera.

After the battery charged I took to the back yard with the OM-D with the 45mm 1.8 and the XE-1 with the 60mm. I took many shots. I tried to keep the settings, compositions and conditions as close to the same as possible. I shot in bright light, mixed light, deep shadow and dim indoor lighting. RAW and Jpeg. I cropped the Fuji files to 4/3 to keep the same image aspect ratio.

I then spent some time comparing the images on my 27” iMac monitor. No pixel peeping, just the full image displayed full screen.

When I compared the images, the OM-D files were just, for lack of a better word, inferior. The difference was completely obvious. The difference was so apparent that I was a little surprised, considering the reviews and raves on the net.

The experience reminded me of when I would compare the files from my 5DII to the output from my 7D. The 7D files were good, but the 5DII files were obviously better, in every way. Same thing holds true here. The detail, color, gradation and dynamic range are all obviously better on the Fuji files.

I got the camera about 5 hours ago and it is all boxed up and is ready to go back.

So thanks Oly. I enjoyed the test drive. But you’ve still got a ways to go.

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Please post this in the Oly forum, so we can have a good laugh.

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