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Re: Is Nikon CCD really better?

Stacey_K wrote:

Trevor G wrote:

I've just bought a D200 to go with my D700 and am looking forward to testing side by side (I have a very demanding low light situation that I hope the D200 will work in).

Why would you pick a D200 for low light work? O.o Of course it won't work -well- in low light. In reasonable light, when iso400 or lower can be used, it should work fine.

1) I like to push the envelope.

2) I want to try Nikon-size APS-C lens amplification because I can use existing glass.

3) A D200 can be had cheaply for the task

4) Because I can. 

Trust me, I won't be complaining if it doesn't do what I want.  I will eBay it, or keep it just for fun if I can find anything, even just the slightest hint of something identifiable as "CCD Magic" from it.  Hype doesn't sway me.

I'm sick of trying to argue if it's the CCD sensor, the bayer filter tuning or something further down the pipeline. No one has any way of knowing why certain cameras record colors in different ways in different light but they do. I happen to like the color rendering I get from my olympus E1 and this D200. Maybe it's a coincidence that both happen to have CCD sensors, doesn't really matter to me if I like the images they output at iso 400 and lower, especially shooting skin tones and red flowers. For me the D200 is like a 10MP E1

That's great.

I have never found a camera (at least an interchangeable lens camera) that displayed images differently except according to the quality of lens fitted. I can demonstrate the high highlight headroom on the Fuji S5 Pro, but it is very hard to reliably show sensor variations other than that.

I'm glad you like the Olympus D200 - you were saying you were thinking of getting another one in the Fuji forum a few weeks ago - did you do it?

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