A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea. Locked

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Ray Sachs
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Re: A dedicated Fuji fanboy ordered the OM-D. Bad idea.

MrFlash wrote:

When I compared the images, the OM-D files were just, for lack of a better word, inferior. The difference was completely obvious. The difference was so apparent that I was a little surprised, considering the reviews and raves on the net.

I gotta better word - it's actually a few: "not to your taste".

I've shot with a LOT of gear over the past few years, including extensive time with both Fuji and m43 (OMD and others). And I know when you're comfortable with / used to one system and the files it produces, unless you move to something that's pretty overwhelmingly better in some way (like the RX1 in low light / shallow DOF, the Sigma DPxM for clarity and detail in good light, etc), it takes a while to grow to like the second system.

I will say you didn't give the OMD a chance, but that's your prerogative. I can certainly understand preferring the look of the Fuji files to those from the OMD. I can also understand the opposite, but it's largely a matter of taste, not inferior or superior or better or worse. I'd also say the Fuji 60 is a better lens than the $350 Olympus 45 (although that's a great bargain lens) unless having fast enough AF to actually GET the shot matters - the Fuji really falls down on that one with that lens. But if you'd tried the Olympus 75mm against some hypothetical Fuji I think you'd have had a different reaction. At least if you'd given it a chance.

Your time, your money, your choice. No problem doing what you did or preferring what you prefer. But "inferior" is a characterization I can't buy, having used both extensively. But, whatever, enjoy your gear - it's great stuff and it sounds like its clearly a better fit for you, particularly if it was just gonna be the 45 vs the 60.


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