Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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Re: I have a camera with sensor of that density

rhlpetrus wrote:

I have a Nikon V1 that has the density of 73MP if sensor were FF size. I don't think many people used to the IQ of the current crop of FF sensors will like that at full res. I think the D800's at 36MP = 16MP in APS-C is about the limit I'd go for resolution. I'm not talking about noise or DR or anything, it's the looks of the image at full res that bothers me.

Yes, you're not alone in this and it will be a huge problem for manufacturers. How to explain to people that it's higher quality, that it's supposed to look like that, when many people are obsessed with "pixel level sharpness" (not resolution), the worse aliasing garbage they get the more they like it.

How can anyone like that is beyond me, though. Bring on that 75mp, I say.

Of course, for internet posting it's pretty decent, but then why would one need so many pixels?

Why does one need sharper lenses too? Buy a, sharp as a razor, $2,500 70-200/2.8 II only to have it wasted on a low resolution camera..

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