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Re: I suggest you pause and think this over.

cgarrard wrote:

Pikme wrote:

It is fishy to me that reviewers talk so highly of this camera, but then never post a review or wait 10 months after release to do so. Either there is a problem with the camera that reviewers don't want to talk about (which I doubt) or there are other factors in play (not enough advertising being purchased, keeping other manufacturers happy, or simply not expected to sell enough in related stores, e.g.). This is just one more example of why dpreview has lost viewership and credibility.

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Roberto M.

As I reviewer that doesn't work for DPR I can chime in here.

First of all there are many cameras being sent to reviewers at many different times through the year, mostly its feast or famine which has a huge effect on when a camera gets reviewed.

Its not only that either, you want to please a majority of readers interested in certain cameras, so that narrows the field of which to choose from. If those cameras aren't available to you by the manufacturer, there's really not much you can do about that. I.E. nobody's fault, just the way the cookie crumbles.

Plus you have schedules to keep meetings to do and many other variables that readers like yourself are totally unware of.

Advertising has nothing to do with it, nor is there any foul play. Remember, DPR is a business and they want to please readers, not push them away or alienate them. They are only in control of so many things. They get their hands on more new cameras than any other site out there and report as fast as humanly possible, and usually do an excellent job at such.

It's impossible to review every new interesting camera in a short deadline, especially when several manufacturers all offer a camera at once. You have to prioritize in some way, either first come first served, or most popular camera, or whatever, but there has to be some sort of urgency to get reviews out to the most readers possible.

Until you review yourself and work with manufacturers, you really have no idea the kind of pressures and challenges that come with reviewing. It's not as it seems at all. You might want to stop and think about this for a bit and give DPR a break (as well as other review sites).


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Oh and by the way, not meant to chastize at all here, hope my tone comes across as informative and not in any other way. I'm just being very honest with you about the process and could bore you with even more details about it, but I won't. It's just one of those things, but DPR aren't doing anything unordinary.

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