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It's all about nuances.

These CCD debates are always interesting.

A previous forum member asked for any real, concrete proof that CCD is better, and the truth is: it's really hard to prove in such terms, as we're not talking about specific, measurable numbers.

It's not a more megapixels or DR thing.

It's a certain look, how CCD renders an image, and that translates into a different visual end product. I'm talking about nuances.

Some people see these differences, some people don't. Simple as that.

To some people (for whatever reason) that difference seems to be obvious, but for others, it really is not.

And that happens all the time!

For example, is German glass actually sharper? Maybe not!

I've seen Leica M lenses producing lots of CA, and failing to beat Nikon lenses in resolution charts...

So why is German glass so acclaimed?

Mostly because there's a certain look (bokeh, micro contrast, etc) that's not measurable in charts, and makes a world of difference to those who really care about this stuff.

Personally, I've always thought German lenses were overrated until the day I started shooting with a Schneider Krauznach prime.

From that day on, I understood there's really a special look going on.

But we're talking about very subtle nuances.

It's never that obvious to see.

So is the case of CCD vs CMOS.

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