Canon’s Testing a 75MP+ Pro DSLR

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From: Photography Bay...received word yesterday from a reliable source that a pre-production high resolution Canon DSLR is currently undergoing field testing. The camera is a pro-sized body like the 1D X. The resolution of the sensor is greater than 75MP.

What lenses are going to resolve that sensor?

Is that a joke? Lenses do not resolve sensors; there is no signal coming from the sensor.

OK if you want to be pedantic, will the sensor out resolve the lens as we have seen with some many Nikon lenses on the D800/E?

That's a bunch of gibberish.  Lenses and pixels grids are not arrays of different densities.  Lenses do not have MPs.

The job of a sensor is to resolve the lens, and any good lens at its sweet spot will not be properly resolved by a FF 75MP sensor.

How do you come to that conclusion? The 16-35, 24-70 and 70-200 were good lenses, but were replaced precisely because they were not adequate for 21 mpx.

In the judgement of people who don't know what they're talking about, IMO.  People who expect to see full contrast between neighboring pixels don't have a clue.  That is not how to have accurate, natural imaging.  Accurate, natural imaging is SOFT at the pixel level.  People want lots of transients in a small finite amount of pixels, and that can not be done without distortion.

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