Warning - Nikon REFUSES to replace equipment they cannot fix, even if under warranty part 2

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Re: Don't understand?

Mako2011 wrote:

Nikon Japan/Sendai/Tochigi (Parent) is the company that builds and ships cameras.

Incorrect. The D90, D7000, D7100 are made in Thailand




There is a Nikon Thialnad, but the arrangement with Sendai/Tochigi is very different, AFAIK.

You are incorrect.

Some they sell and distribute themselves...and some they sell to Independent Distributor

They do not have 2 factories making the consumer bodies.

Companies that also do repairs. Once Nikon USA buys and distributes a camera or lens...it's now treated different than a Nikon/Sendai/Tochigi body/lens (grey market) and different laws/rules apply. I'm surprised you don't understand the concepts of "Independent Subsidiary"

I'm surprised you're accusing me of not understanding what a subsidiary is given that you've repeatedly stated factually incorrect information. Whether or not Nikon USA covers a camera that hasn't come through their distribution change has no bearing on where it was made. You or a company you deal with becomes the importer instead of Nikon USA when you buy grey market. If you import yourself you're no longer covered as there is no retailer. If an unauthorised 3rd part company imports and sells to you it becomes a lot muddier as that retailer still is obligated to provide warranty but Nikon USA will refuse to honour the warranty as they were not involved in the distribution.

and the ramification of that arrangement. One bounus for Nikon Japan...Independent subsidiaries that actually operate as independent businesses provide considerable liability protection for the parent company. Note also, not all Independent subsidiaries operate the same. Many differences and very complicated.

Yes and any time the customer is bitten by Nikon protecting themselves in this way they remember it. It really doesn't matter if they're legally protected in the long run because if enough customers are bitten the brand will decline.

Except of course that they do have a hand in the setup, finances and policies of their subsidiaries world wide. Now you're suggesting a consumer needs to concern himself with the subtleties of running an international business and the organisation of it's holdings.

Yes, if he wants his warranty honored. It helps to know who will and will not honor it.

I agree with that statement. However if he hasn't bought grey market and has bought through an authorised distributor he is as covered as he can be.

As far as the consumer's concerned he or she has only one choice in who to deal with and that is Nikon locally.

Not true regards repair situations the consumer wishes to pay outright for.

Nikon can and will refuse repairs or quote high prices if they do not wish to repair.

Nikon do not allow 3rd parties to purchase parts from them anymore.

Not sure that policy holds with the independents in Europe.

It looks like they've had to waver a little in the US as well


Not a waver at all. Nikon Parts store is Nikon USA...not a third party

Nikon parts store is a concession that they've had to make. The policy they had announced was that parts would not be supplied to third parties. I'm not familiar with the circumstances surrounding that back down.

They did not back down. The Nikon store does not sell to third part repair businesses. That policy did not change.

Note that the parts offered are limited and not the complete range.

As I said this is NOT good for a consumer who now has to deal with Nikon to get the part on behalf of a third party repairer if they wish to use one. Or are you suggesting that as well as knowing Nikon's internal policies and subsidiary structure, consumer law and international import law the consumer now needs to also know how to repair their own camera? This really is getting beyond ridiculous.

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