Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: Complaints About DSLR Size

But, does anyone actually like the weight and solid feel of their DSLR? I do.

Yes, but not always. It's simply a case of "will this camera do?" and if it does, I will gravitate towards a smaller size mirrorless or compact (I think most would). But I LOVE the more capable camera that allows me to take better photos with less issues in demanding conditions. There is no substitute for getting results easily, whether that camera is larger (usually) or smaller.

And the bond you have with the camera is very important.

As for features, I prefer some featurs in the mirrorless models and I prefer some other aspects of DSLRs.

Long story short, he is replacing the DSLR which was stolen from him with one of the Canon Powershots.

A discounted EOS M might not be a bad idea, assuming he can handle the size? Depending on what kind of shooter he is, he will either be very disappointed with his PowerShot or will live with it happily. I have a friend that did a similar thing with a compact Lumix with no manual features (that he never uses now) since he wants more control (but doesn't want the bulk when I show him my mirrorless).

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