Canon 6D kit with 24-105L over a 5D mk III?

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Canon 6D kit with 24-105L over a 5D mk III?

Hello everybody!

Until recently I've been planning to buy a 6D kit with a 24-105L sometime next year and I was certain it would have been the right choice for me. But last week, right after I just came back from a 2-week euro-trip, I was shocked to find that my CF from my 7D had gone bust and I've lost at least 2000 pictures. Luckily we also had a borrowed 5D mk II so the pain is bearable. And this incident made the 5D mk III much more appealing than I initially thought it to be, because of it's backup features.

The thing is I am an design engineer by trade, and as a photographer I guess I fit into the "prosumer" category. I enjoy shooting anything from weddings to macro-photography. My wish is to make photography my second job, at least to a point where the hobby pays for itself. And my biggest fear is to go to an event and find when I get home that I had a camera malfunction of some sort. And what happened last week made me really paranoid. I always take good care of my equipment and it really came as a shock. I mean, that sort of thing always seemed to happen to other people but not me :D. Maybe it was due to the excessive heat in the car, or the vibrations. We traveled 5000 km so who knows? But I digress.

I feel the need to mention that in my country a 5D mk III body is worth 6 times my total monthly income. So we (my fiancee and I) want to buy a FF that we will use intensely for many years to come because it's a huge financial leap for us - one that we won't intend to repeat any time soon. And also I grew tired of always out-growing my equipment. That was the main reason I was considering the 6D kit and thought of it as a bargain. But now I have my doubts.

Our other equipment consists of a Canon 60D, a Canon 7D, a 70-200mm f/4L, a 17-40mm f/4L and a 50mm f1.4. Also I have plans for a 85mm f1.8 in the near future regardless of what camera we will buy.

I made a fairly decent point to my better half in favor of the 5D mk III but I feel she will need more convincing, and in a way, I must admit that so do I. The range of the 24-105 from the 6D kit is really appealing, especially because we don't really have an all-round travel lens. But then again, we already have the entire 17 mm to 200 mm range covered and in my limited experience with this lens it's not really that great in comparison with my other two L lenses. So I turn to you guys for help. In your experience with these two cameras, which would you recomend for us? Have you ever had issues with SD cards on a 6D? Should we jump at the bigger camera and wait a couple of years for the price to drop on a 24-70 lens?

Lastly, I am not interested in a price comparison given the fact that these two options are at roughly the same price in my country and I don't intend to buy them from somewhere else. Also I am uninterested in the 6D's GPS feature but the Wi-Fi would be fun to have.

I thank you in advance and thank you for your patience with my long post!

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