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Prior to the release of the EOS 70D, many would have thought that the specs of that camera, which were posted on some online rumour sites, could well have belonged to be that of the 7D2, especially taking into account the similarities in sensor performance of the 5D3 compared to its predecessor. Canon's 'incremental update' policy probably also gave credence to beliefs those rumoured specs indeed belonged to the 7D2.

In hindsight, those rumours were slightly off the mark, although the other ramblings of a 24MP APS-C camera being tested in the field could well be the sensor used in the upcoming 7D2. The 70D, seems to have been fitted with some interesting performance features, such as the 7D AF module, customisation and 7FPS. Its quite a comprehensive feature list for a xxD body, and areasonable improvement from a camera to whom its closely related (7D) but not meant to replace.

Which brings us back to the question, are any inovative features going to be incorporated into the 7D2 that we dont know of, apart from the suspected WIFI, GPS, perhaps dual-pixel focus etc? The release of the 70D may be a sign that Canon has heard past complaints from its customers and will release a sucessor to the 7D with a substantial feature list Improvement

We wont have to wait too long!

It is quite possible that there will not be a 7D Mark II. Canon's range has reconfigured quite considerably since the 7D was announced. For a start, the '5D' has become quite a different camera, really rather action orientated with top-notch AF - that makes it quite possible that what Canon has intended is for 7D owners, at least some of them to upgrade to the 5D Mk III. Then again, the price point, more or less, of the 7D has been taken by the 6D. It's very unusual for Canon to field two current cameras at the same price point, so one could think that they thing FF gives a better offer to people with $2k to spend than a fast APS-C camera.

They're still 2 different cameras for 2 different markets.

I don't believe the markets are completely distinct. Sure, there are some people in the market for a 7D who wouldn't consider a 6D, but then there are some who would. And when you apply that to the 70D and 5DIII it looks like Canon already has some of the 7DII bases covered. To be worthwhile it needs to generate new sales, that is people who wouldn't otherwise buy one of Caonon's other cameras.

The 6D is not fast enough

Fast enough for whom?

People that shoot birds, sports, air shows, etc.

nor as rugged as the 7D.

How do you know it isn't as rugged? It's built the same way.

Ok, I guess we'll see.

The 7D, not being FF, is not the best choice for landscape or studio. Doesn't matter that the price points are close; they offer different features for different needs.

They are both general purpose cameras with quite a big overlap for needs. the viability of the 7D II depends on there being enough people who 'need' that camera and no other, and the three others have nibbled away at that market, as I said.

I disagree that they overlap "quite a bit".  Maybe for your needs.  Not for mine or many others who would like to see the 7D get a bump in specs, and also not for anyone that has crop-body lenses.  I happen to like the performance/cost ratio in the APS-C body; I wouldn't go FF even if all I had was EF lenses.  On the other hand, I don't want to go to an APS-C body that has a slower frame rate and smaller buffer.

Third, the 70D has taken on quite a lot of the 7D's spec at a reduced price point. With those three cameras nibbling away at the 7D market place, it is not a given that there is enough market to sustain a 7D, and in particular the quite large amount of dedicated R&D that a camera which significantly advanced on the 7D would require.

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Given all the interest just here on the forums, I'd say there's plenty of interest in a top-end crop camera. The 70D doesn't improve on enough of the 7D specs to be a complete replacement.

There is no rule that says Canon has to offer a 'complete replacement' - they will only do that if it;'s viable, and the 'interest on these forums' is a poor indicator of the size of the overall market. You are talking a very small proportion of the people who actually post on these forums.

There are also a lot of people that don't post.  They're out shooting   Either way, there will be a lot of folks disappointed if there is never a 7D follow-up.


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