Newer battery won't charge, charger flashes steady orange

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Re: Newer battery won't charge, charger flashes steady orange

Arizona13 wrote:

Had my Canon D7 in for tune-up last month. Got home to find the battery was never returned (thanks to my 2 yr old that decided to throw a tantrum at the service desk). They found my battery on their charger, just need to find time to drive over an hr back to pick it up.

In the mean time, I picked up another battery at best buy. It's about 3 weeks old. I put it on charger a few days ago. Went to use it yesterday- saw it on one bar. Charged it. Put it in again today. Took about 20 pics and it was dead again. When I put it on the charge I noticed it flashed green 4 times (meaning charged) then turned to steady orange. Just found my other exchangeable battery charger and currently charging it a bit and see where it is.

Could it be just a bad battery? Bad charger? Or could something be wrong with camera and charging mechanism? Trying hard to resist checking batter for few hrs till it charges some. As this charger has no indication light.

Sounds like the charger is a 3rd party; what about the battery?  You could try returning it to Best Buy, but I'm not sure they'll do an exchange or return on a battery.

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