Complaints About DSLR Size

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Re: Complaints About DSLR Size

I ha no issues with my Canon Rebels over seven years I shot them, actually I thought that a gripped Rebel was the best of both worlds when it came to portability and IQ.

In April, I bought a used Sony Next F3 on CL, just because the price was low and I figured I could use it as a travel P&S replacement. I ended up selling all of my Canon gear. I just couldn't bring myself to pick it up anymore, it felt huge and unwieldy. I am fully transitioned to Nex now. Of course, being able to use old legacy lenses with ease was another huge factor. You do give up some AF speed, though, when compared to truly fast focusing Canon lenses (e.g. EF 85 1/8 USM).  But the IQ is there, DSLR like level of control over your photos is there, and overall I feel my photography has improved. It's so easy to just throw a small camera with a prime attached in car or backpack, and take photos if and when you feel like it, no pressure to use that mountain of gear you had to bring with you.

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