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Re: Thieves in St. Petersburg stealing a camera lens from a tourist

MisterHairy wrote:

I do find all of this rather amusing. We, in Europe, are oft led to believe that the Americas (including the USA) are the lawless parts of the world where gun crimes abound and one cannot take one's personal safety for granted. Indeed, in my own experience as I have travelled around the world, the US, Mexico and Brazil are the only places where I have been physically threatened.

This has never once happened in any part of Europe, east or western, Asia or Russia. Not once.

The fact is that if you go anywhere where you might find a high wealth differential between tourists and locals then crime will be present. Keep your wits about, don't blunder about or wander off into quiet areas alone and most importantly, insure your kit. It's only a camera, not a limb so let it go and put your claim in when you get home.

As for the child and his "weapon", well, what to say? Words fail me actually. I have to assume that you are having a bit of a laugh here, but in case you are being serious, just how do you expect to be able to travel internationally with a concealed weapon? Are you planning on seeing the world by bus? Take that attitude anywhere with you and you'll quickly end up cold in the bottom of a ditch, minus your camera and minus your silly "weapon". It's precisely this misguided belief that carrying a concealed weapon offers any kind of protection that puts society's vulnerable, like yourself, at risk in the first place in these situations. Please stay put in your parents' basement.

This blame the victim mentally is quite sad really.  It's true that you invite possibly more danger by carrying a weapon yourself but if that is what people would like to feel more secure then I don't see any problem with it.

In addition, your claims that Europe, and everywhere else in the world are safe...well that pretty much shows you've never been out of your bedroom yourself.

EVERY country has danger in it...doesn't matter whether it is the US, Europe or Asia...get some real traveling experience already.

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